What is Virtual Reality: How It Will Change Gaming

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that has taken the world by storm in a way that many couldn’t have imagined. With its immersive, interactive environments that put you inside the game, VR has truly changed the way we interact with video games. 

How Do VR Devices Work?

Virtual reality devices have been around for a while, but they still don’t always look as cool as they should. As more people switch over to VR, though, there are bound to be some impressive-looking headsets on the market soon. VR headsets work by capturing your view of the surroundings via cameras in the front and back of the headset, as well as displaying a screen in the user’s view to provide an immersive 3D experience. The screens can be very large, and there’s no screen-door effect, which may be a benefit for many.

Choosing a VR Headset

Deciding to take the plunge and invest in a VR headset is a big decision, and there is a lot to consider before making your ultimate purchase. The first thing to decide is whether to choose a PC VR headset or a console VR headset, and for many, their choice will be dictated by their computer’s hardware and the software they want to use. 

A VR headset is one of the coolest tech gadgets around right now. If you’re looking to pick one up, there are a ton of options to choose from. 

We recommend checking out our list of VR Headsets to see which one best fits your needs.

  • Sony PlayStation VR – PlayStation VR is Sony’s virtual reality headset. It uses the PlayStation 4’s built-in camera to track the player’s movements, as well as two PlayStation Move motion-sensing controllers. When playing non-VR games, the headset doesn’t block the player’s view, allowing players to see and interact within the game. However, when playing VR games, the headset blocks the view of the player, so they will only see a 180-degree view of their in-game environment. PlayStation VR is compatible with games from the PlayStation 4, and with a compatible PlayStation Camera, users can play together.
  • HTC Vive – The HTC Vive is one of the latest virtual reality headsets. While the company has been in the virtual reality space for a while, the Vive marks the company’s first attempt at a gaming-focused device. The Vive (and its cousin, the SteamVR Tracking system) enables gamers and non-gamers alike to step into “full-scale” virtual environments. Vive’s tracking technology uses cameras, which are built into the headset, and controllers to track users’ movements in 3D space. This lets players look around freely in a virtual world, including walking, jumping, climbing, and interacting with objects.
  • Oculus Rift – The Oculus Rift is an all-in-one headset that gives users an immersive virtual reality experience. On the other hand, Oculus Go is a portable headset, which means it can be worn anywhere you want. Not only can you wear them on your head, but you can wear them on your ankles and wrists too. Or they can be worn inside a VR headset. Both headsets offer a great virtual reality experience, so which headset should you choose? Well, this is your decision and your decision alone to make.

The Virtual Reality Gaming Revolution

Virtual reality (VR) technologies have become increasingly popular. Recently, VR gaming has received significant attention due to its immersive and interactive nature. VR gaming allows players to fully immerse themselves in a 3D environment, similar to playing a video game. VR games use either head-mounted displays (HMDs) or full bodysuits, which simulate the feeling of being submerged in VR, providing users with a fully immersive gaming experience.

Virtual reality gaming has evolved from the realm of sci-fi and fantasy to something that is cool and normal. For example, one can now put on a pair of virtual reality goggles and literally step into another world. Whether it’s playing violent video games in a room-size suit or watching science fiction films in the comfort of your home, virtual reality gaming is more popular than ever.

Building a VR-Ready PC

If you’re thinking about building a VR-ready PC, but you don’t know where to start and you’re short on cash, you might be looking at getting a basic rig for less than $500. But is that really a good idea? It depends on the games you want to run and where those games will run. This is why any research you do will be paramount to your gaming experience. 

We hope this article has helped you to discover more about the world of virtual reality and how it continues to change the gaming industry for the better.