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Hello, fellow
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Welcome to my blog. My name is Nathan and I’m a self-professed nerd. 

I’m an avid gamer with a (somewhat healthy) obsession for action games and reading comics. When I was a kid, I enjoyed playing on the Gameboy my older brother gave me and I was obsessed. As we all know, technology has greatly advanced since the days of the Gameboy and my current gaming set-up is something younger me would be proud of.

Currently, I enjoy a good MMO game like Apex that gets the adrenaline going, but I’m also partial to games with a good storyline to them as it really carries the game and makes it a bit more interesting than just RTS games.

As well as games, comics have been something I’ve been interested in for years and I used to read them with my Dad. I always imagined myself as one of the superheroes, fighting crime in my super suit – now I just need to find myself a radioactive spider!

In more recent years, I did actually try writing my own comic and designing it because I’ve always thought the artwork was sick and I wanted to be a bit more creative. It’s still in the pipeline, so you never know, I might be the next Stan Lee (or I’ll take a close second).

When I’m not gaming, I work as an IT specialist in an outsourcing company, so I basically help any companies that come to us asking for IT help. I’m quite surprised at this point that I don’t have square eyes from looking at monitors all day, but I’m doing okay for now – haha! 

I wanted to get back into writing more, rather than just gaming and working, so I decided to dedicate this blog to all my specialities in one place – pretty neat I’d say. So, I hope you like the content I have to offer, but feel free to make suggestions in the comments or Get in Touch.

Nathan Dunphy

gamer | blogger | comic reader | self-professed nerd
All Time Favourites
Apex Legends
Albion Online
Sword Art Online
Attack on Titan
Ghost Recon: Future Solider