Top 9 Most Expensive Comics Of All Time

Today, it is very rare to search the internet without seeing someone bring up the topic of comic books, especially the most expensive ones. But how much are they worth? Is it possible to sell antique comics? Well, high-end collectible comics are expensive, and when you add them to the list of things that are expensive in the world, it becomes even more expensive. However, unlike other expensive items like sports cars, paintings, or designer handbags, it has become acceptable to sell these comics on a full-time basis. 

So, let’s take a look at the top 9 most expensive comics of all time.

  • The Captain America Comics

Captain America: The First Avenger remains one of the most amazing comic book stories that has ever been told. It is a story about an ordinary man who was genetically altered to become a prototype of what would become the most powerful weapon in the world. It is a story of war, torture, and hope. And it should be a go-to choice for lovers of comic books.

  • The Action Comics #7

Another most expensive comic book of all time is Action Comics #7 – one of the greatest stories in the history of comics. If you are reading this, it is very likely that you have either read it or seen the movie. If so, you should know that it is one of the greatest comic book stories of all time.

  • The Amazing Fantasy #15

Amazing Fantasy #15 is an American comic book published by Marvel Comics in 1962, which was the first-ever Marvel Issues to feature Spider-Man. The story is a retelling of the first issue of the Spider-Man comic book series, and it is often referred to as the Origin of Spider-Man.

  • The All-American Comics #16

You may not have heard of All-American Comics, but you’ve certainly read their work. All-American Comics is the company behind numerous graphic novels from the past, including Sin City, 300, Watchmen, and more. Last year, DC Comics, who produced a host of new All-American comics, including the current Batman, Batgirl, Superman, and Wonder Woman titles, bought them out to market.

  • The Batman #1

The first issue of Batman has a price tag of $125. The comic is a prequel to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, so picking this up is a must if you’re a fan of the movies. This is the first time all the stories from the movie have been told in comic book form, so expect to see some of the iconic characters, like Batman and The Joker, make an appearance in the book.

  • The Detective Comics #1

The first issue of Detective Comics was published in May 1939. It featured the debut of the enduringly popular Batman. The comic is one of the most famous and significant publications in the history of American popular culture. The Detective Comics title quickly became the outlet for Batman stories, featuring the beloved superhero in a wide array of adventures and escapades.

  • The Marvel Comics #1

Marvel Comics, a comic book publishing company, was founded on December 28, 1939, by Martin Goodman. Marvel became a leading company in the comic book industry and moved into film production in the 1950s, first with a series of live-action short films starring Marvel comic characters, then with several syndicated television series, and eventually with a string of feature films.

  • The Superman #1

Superman #1, the first appearance of the superhero, is a high-priced comic book that also features the debut of Wonder Woman in a story titled “Frightful and Wonderful.” The first print run of the issue sold for $130.00. Of course, copies of the first issue of the series have been worth more since the debut of the character, but the value of the issue has always been in the eyes of the collector.

  • The Detective Comics #27

Detective Comics #27 – Second series. First published on February 6, 1940, by DC Comics (Western Comics). In this issue, Batman and Robin meet the Riddler’s latest incarnation, the Riddler, who has decided to commit crimes in order to impress his sister, who is visiting Gotham City. They’ve made a lot of movies about comics, but only a few did a great job of them and Detective Comics #27 was one of them.