How to Stop Gambling and Save Money

Addiction can affect anyone, and gambling addiction is something that many people find hard to get out of.

It can pull people down and cause them serious and ongoing problems, not only financially but mental health wise too.

If you are a gambling addict and you really want to overcome gambling addiction and quit gambling entirely, then there are steps that you can take to make this a reality.

It won’t be easy to stop gambling straight away, but with perseverance and determination, you will find a way through.

This article is not here to diagnose. If you are worried about yourself or someone else, then seek professional help or call the national gambling helpline to assist you in fighting your gambling problem.

Read on to learn about how to stop gambling and save money so you can face your gambling problems and get the help you need.

Signs That You Have a Problem Gambling

You may not initially believe you have a gambling addiction or even a gambling problem at all, however, there are signs that are important for you to take note of so you can see if they apply to you and what you can do about it.

You Use Gambling to Make Money, Not to Have Fun

People will spend some of their money gambling for fun and know when to stop once they feel like it’s getting too much.

If you are going onto gambling sites to try and build on the money that you lost or that you want more money just to have it, then you have lost control and you are showing signs of addiction.

You continue gambling way above what you can afford to try and win money back, and don’t stop gambling until you get something, no matter how small.

You Go Into Your Overdraft

You know that you have none of your money in your bank accounts left, so you instead go into your overdraft and keep extending it to get more and more so you can go onto online gambling sites or spend money on horse races, etc.

You keep telling yourself that you will pay the money back to lessen your overdraft, but when you get your hands on any money, you instead put it into slot machines or towards one of the many online casinos available.

You Borrow Money From Family and Friends

You go to your close family and friends to fund your gambling habit.

You tell them you will pay them back, maybe lying to them about the reason why you need the money in the first place, so much so that if they refuse you start to feel agitated and you may get angry at them which causes emotional pain.

If you are not gambling, you get upset and may put yourself at risk to get the money, and/or be harmful to others around you.

You Miss Important Payments

Instead of paying off your rent/mortgage or your bills for your utilities, you spend it on gambling.

This causes bills to come to your door with final payments on the front, your financial problems start to build, and you may have bailiffs coming to the door to collect the money, especially if you keep borrowing from other sources.

Tips to Help With Quitting Gambling

When you have decided to quit gambling and stop yourself from losing any more money, it will be incredibly difficult.

There are many gambling triggers around that can ignite that feeling inside you at any point. This is why staying strong and fighting through so you don’t lose money anymore is crucial.

Admit That You Have a Problem Gambling

It is not easy to admit that you have a problem, and many gamblers initially will find it hard to utter those words of addiction, but if you have read the signs above and you identify with what is being said, then you have a problem and it is important that you face this fact.

Speak to Someone Trustworthy

You don’t have to go to support groups straight away, but it is important that you open up to someone you trust.

Sit a family member down and tell them how you feel and tell them that you may have an addiction.

Opening up and admitting it is the first step. With this, they can help you find the right support that you desperately need and get you to speak to a professional about what the next steps are.

Remember That There is a ‘Cure’ For Gambling Addiction

Calling it a complete cure may not be the right wording, but it essentially is a cure, just with the necessary help.

Old Views on Gambling

Back in the day, it was not seen as a proper issue, just people playing until their money ran out which is their own bad fault.

We know now that it is an addiction, and like all other addictions, taking the proper course of action is essential in managing it and working through the bad times.

What Can Therapy do?

There are therapies out there that can be incredibly beneficial to individuals that cannot manage the problem themselves.

They are able to get helpful tips on how they can channel their passion for gambling into something else, so they can reroute their brain’s responses to certain things.

It is an ongoing struggle to fight that need to gamble, but, over time it can get easier and when triggers are in front of them (or you) they are able to resist temptation through constant support and self-restraint.

Use Technology to Stop

Using gambling apps may seem like not the best idea, however, they can be incredibly helpful as the software will monitor what you do and stop you if you have gone over your limit or have been doing it too much.

This will help you when you are trying to quit gambling, as going completely cold turkey may make you relapse, so instead, be mindful of what you are doing and put those roadblocks up to help you remain aware of how much you are using.

Check Out The Google Play Store/Apple Store

There is a gambling therapy app that can be found on app stores to help with managing gambling addiction to make people more aware of their behaviour and their responses to that. It can get them to work through their issues and keep track.

Accept That You Are Responsible For Your Actions

Whatever happens after you have got help and put those steps in place, you need to be aware that anything that occurs next is the result of your choices so own them.

You may relapse even if it is only slightly, this is a normal thing to occur as you are moving away from an addiction. Don’t blame others for your reactions.

Don’t Blame Others

If you get into an argument with a family member or a friend and you go and gamble, you should not put the blame on them for your relapse.

You decided to do it instead of shifting your focus somewhere else to deal with the anger, remember that.

Once you face what you have done and who you are, you will be able to work at it and own your mistakes like everyone else.

Find a Hobby Away From Gambling

Hobbies are a great way to distance yourself from gambling again.

You can go online and see what hobbies you would alternatively like to do so you can get a better idea of what would pique your interest.

It doesn’t have to be a sporty activity like football or hockey, you can go creative and delve into the arts, maybe try a musical instrument, whatever would make you feel happiest about distracting yourself whilst feeding your mind with healthier and happier thoughts.


Hopefully, this article has helped you find out how to stop gambling and save money. These steps you take will add to you saving your money from going into your gambling addiction.

It is not easy to face the facts that you have a problem, but running away from it won’t help you or anyone else out. It is better to face it now and start your first day today.

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