How I Managed to Make Friends with MMO Gaming?

Yes, it’s finally happened. You’ve made it. You’ve got friends. Not just any friends, but people you spend a lot of time with. They’ve been there when you won and when you lost. They’ve fought alongside you in battle, and they’ve laughed at the silly side quests you’ve completed. They’ve even helped you find your favourite new recipe or outfit. They’re virtual, but your relationship is very real. And most importantly, they’re the reason you’re playing this “socially awkward” online video game.

Step to Take When Making Friends with MMO Gaming

MMO gaming is a crowded space. There are thousands of games to choose from, but not many of them are actually worth your time. In 2017, I entered the world of MMO gaming, and I wasn’t expecting to love it. MMO gaming is a massive online world with many players, where you can expect to spend hours upon hours exploring the fictional worlds created by gaming studios.

And there is a lot to learn when it comes to making friends. Want to learn more? Then, here are some steps to consider to help you make friends with another gamer.

Say Hi

When you are playing an MMO game, and you want to have a friend, you can start the conversation with the word “Hi”. It is just the same in real life as it is in gaming. If you’re going to make a friend, starting a small conversation is important, and a simple “Hi” can make this possible. Maybe you could also throw in a few Chuck Norris Jokes to lighten up the mood. You can make friends with the other player in the middle of the game, and this is a great way to go about it.

Shop Around The Guild

MMO guild is where people organize, talk, and have some fun before completing other quests with their friends. If you hang around there, even if you don’t know them; they can start to talk to you, especially if they are new. You can have some fun with them and talk about some incredible and silly quest that you finished or ask them about their experience with the game. But there are times that the people at the guild are not talkative, so it may be up to you to start a conversation. However, it can be difficult to look for a friend here because most of the players have their own social communities where they have control over who they invite. So, don’t be disheartened if you can’t find a friend straightaway – your time will come.

Be Cool

If you really want to have a friend in MMO gaming, reflect on every word you say. Just be cool. Because there are some gamers, who, even if they’re not, declare to be a jerk every time they speak. It is fine to be cool sometimes, but there are times that I encounter gamers at MMO that always want to be cool when they are talking about their finished quests. But in the end, they come across to be the opposite. So, proceed with caution.

Newbies! New friend

Even if you can’t make friends with the old gamer in MMO, newbies are coming. Help them to complete their quest by giving them a hand or advice for the game. It will be too easy for you to be friends with them because they can accept your advice and be your teammates. Because they are not that familiar with the game and don’t have friends yet, their best choice is to be your friend so that their game has a good direction like yours.

Reach out

When you’re playing the game and see that your new friend is online, reach out to them. And speak with them so you can keep in touch with each other during the game. And after you’ve finished gaming, communicate to them about your schedule plan so you can play with them again next time.

But for now, it is hard to make friends with the MMO players. This is because most of the popular MMOs for this generation don’t have the same social communities that we saw in the older generation. This generation just tends to emphasize their experience, but they don’t require any social interaction in order to appreciate.

Looking for a friend in online gaming is just like looking for a friend in real life. They have to be ready to listen and laugh with you through visuals. Once you have found someone, you can share your experiences with the game.